Drilling Fluids

When utilizing Horizontal Directional Drilling to pull in conduit, pipe, electrical, power, telco, data and other products, the initial pilot bore hole is drilled using a custom mixed Drilling Fluid (often referred to as Drilling Mud) to line the bore hole.   Drilling Fluid acts to stabilize, lubricate and prevent a bore collapse while allowing the drill cuttings (spoils) to flow back through the bore to the surface before the final product is pulled through. Often the pilot bore must be re-drilled and back-reamed multiple times with reamer bits that are incrementally larger than the original bit size to expand the bore size.  For example this is the method by which an eight-inch diameter pipe is pulled in with a four-inch diameter bore drill bit.

GMT utilizes the following Drilling Fluid Products to custom stabilize each bore once the soil type and distance are known. For detailed information on the following Drilling Fluids as well as many others please visit the CETCO website. Detailed information as well as MSDS Sheets are available there as well.



 For Drilling Fluid Calculators from CETCO please click on this link to be re-directed to the CETCO Drilling Fluid Calculator

CETCO Drilling Fluid Calculator

DitchWitch Drilling Fluid Formulator

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