GMT Service Corp

GMT Service Corp is a General Contractor founded in 1998 that specializes in Utility, Telecom and Petroleum Industry support, including: 

Local or Long Distance Transport, Conduits & Lines for Copper or Fiber-Optic Data, Telephone and Cable TV

At GMT we support:

  • Fiber-Optic Contractors
  • Cellular Tower Owners/Operators requiring additional backhaul or T-1 feeder lines
  • Oil & Gas Well Monitoring, Control, Power or Communications
  • Electrical Contractors requiring HDD Drilling, Trenching, Plowing and Support
  • Cable TV providers
  • Plumbing Contractors requiring HDD Drilling, Trenching Plowing and Support
  • IT Departments
  • ATM installation Contractors for Banks
  • Water Departments
  • Irrigation Installers
  • Security and Surveillance Contractors
  • Road & Street Paving Contractors
  • OSP Contractors that require HDD Drilling, Trenching Plowing and Support
  • Golf Course Maintenance Departments
  • Commercial & or Residential Builders and Developers
  • Homeowners & Ranchers 

We specialize in difficult and security sensitive sites including:  Airports, Commercial Rooftops and Water Towers.  Additionally, we provide Conduit, Fiber-Optic and T-1 back-haul installation through the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Chain or Excavator Trenching, and Fiber-jetting or Blowing. Our service area includes Texas and surrounding states depending on project size, scope, and expected duration. 

Proud member of:

811 Compliant

We are proud to use equipment and materials from the following premier manufacturers: